Use naturally safe germ killers

silver products soapHave you ever worried about your health and the germs you can catch in the scullery? Chemically preventing such disease can be very harmful in the long run as the chemicals may affect you either by entering your body through the skin or by inhalation. Furthermore, the chemicals enter the sewage system and eventually the soil or water table and streams leading to environmental pollution. So by using natural germicides the risk of getting ill is reduced in a big way and the method is very healthy too, besides being environmentally friendly.

Listed below are a couple of natural ways you can protect yourself.

Ionic Silver

Ionic silver is a safe solution which is an ingestible disinfectant. It is not at all toxic and is made from natural ingredients. Colloidal silver products remain available in many countries as dietary supplements and homoeopathic remedies. It acts by killing fungi, bacteria, algae and the like, by depriving the micro-organisms of oxygen thus damaging their enzyme systems present in the membranes.

Thus to maintain a Sensible Pantry it is wise to invest in the use of Ionic Silver Solution and Basil Lavender soap. You won’t regret buying these naturally safe items for your home.

The solution is safe for both children and adults keeping you safe from harmful microbes and thereby helping you stay healthy.

The World Health Organization uses the colloidal silver to provide drinking water in developing countries. It is used as a disinfectant for water.

Basil Lavender

The basil lavender soap is made out of natural materials and is made by hand. This soap gives a natural glow to the skin and keeps your skin healthy and younger. Since it’s made of natural ingredients it is not at all harsh on the skin.

The soap has a pleasant smell which makes you feels like heaven. Besides its wonderful aroma, it generates a bubbly lather and gives the skin a silky feel too. It conditions the skin with its lavender essential oil. The crushed basil in the bar helps to remove the dead skin cells thus working as a defoliator. The soap also helps the skin to absorb nutrients and kill bacteria and fungi. It can be used as hand soap or shower soap.

The soap has a classic formula and consists of the ingredients of crushed Basil leaves and Lavender Essential Oil. Lavender Essential oil has many health benefits.

As ones’ work can be very demanding the levels of stress keep rising. This condition can be quite harmful to the body and mind resulting in many illnesses. We generally try to de-stress using various means. Even home chores tend to add to the stress situation, one such case being cleaning up in the pantry. This is where the Basil Lavender soap is so essential. The soap with its fragrance and natural ability to fight germs helps the body to remain healthy and also relax. Cleaning up will not be as stressful, as the pleasant odour of the soap will make the effort easier if not inviting.


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