Derma Care – The best cosmetic treatment clinic

skin-pigmentationPremature ageing, pigmentation, uneven skin tone and facial redness are the results of long-term sun damage. Derma Care Cosmetic & Laser is the best cosmetic specialist clinic in Melbourne. They are renowned for their skin hyperpigmentation treatment. They also provide treatment on anti-wrinkle, injections, laser hair removal, laser hair reduction, acne, rosacea, acne scarring, sun damage, pigmentation, brown spots and more.

They have carefully selected the safest, most effective cosmetic aesthetic treatment and laser skin and hair removal technology for every problem. They also deliver the treatment in a very professional and friendly ambience, always ready to listen to the needs of the patients, offering advice and support to them in every step of the way.

Derma Care Cosmetic & Laser Clinic aims at the well-being of their patients. They understand that even the smallest change can make a big difference to the way the patients feel. Some of the best features of Derma Care are as follows:

  • It is conveniently located just 7 km away from Melbourne CBD.
  • This cosmetic clinic gives the main priority to comfort, safety and caring solutions for the skin.
  • Complimentary consultations only by prior appointment.
  • Only certified medical personnel perform the treatments, including registered nurses and medical practitioners.
  • They ensure that the laser ad skin treatments are effective and safe.
  • They provide a standard of before and after treatment care.

Derma Care offers a great approach to skin health. They also offer daily home care treatment, medical skin care and mineral make-up range, and a selected range of practitioners and oral supplements too. Their doctor provides an individual medical skin care prescription. It is helpful to tailor to the skin condition and treatment goals of the patients. The treatment results to prevent future skin damage if check-ups are done on a regular basis.

The importance of Derma Care lies on the following characteristics:

Topical Anti-Oxidants – It is important as it lessens cellular damage and helps to slow down the premature ageing.

Sun Protection – Zinc based sun protection is provided by the clinic. It is important as it provides blockage from UVA and UVB rays. Zinc provides a resistance to UV rays. It offers long-time protection and is free from chemicals.

Skin Lightening Agent – It is important for improving the clarity of skin. It helps to prevent future damage to the skin and minimises the appearance of pigmentation.

Skin Cell Resurfacing Agent – It helps to replace dead and damaged cells with the new and healthy cells. It improves skin clarity and texture.

Collagen Stimulants – It prevents premature ageing by promoting firmness and elasticity of the skin. It helps to improve fine lines, wrinkles and skin laxity.

Therefore, Derma Care Cosmetic & Laser is one of the best cosmetic clinics in Melbourne. It ensures quality treatment and utmost care to all its patients. The clinic provides state-of-the-art dermatologic care in a compassionate environment. Life can be shaped by a simple change in extraordinary ways. To begin a whole new outlook on life, set up a private consultation with Derma Care’s doctors. Thus, make a change immediately in order to rev up your life.


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